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   NEW: Dot peen marking system FlyMarker® mini

  The already fourth generation of the mobile dot peen marker can be described as
  a new milestone in the history of the battery operated hand-held marking units.

  The new FlyMarker® mini builds on the strengths of the proven previous models
  and convinces with its light weight and its compact design as well as also due its
  unique introduction price.

  •   Weights only 2.7 kg

  •   Marking area of 65 x 30 can be used completely

  •   Break-resistant housing out of glass fibre reinforced plastic

  •   Software is self-explanatory and intuitively to operate

  •   High-resolution LC-display

  •   Self-sufficient work due to a powerful Lithium-Ion-Batterie

  •   (2 Batteries will be delivered with the standard scope of supply)

  •   Numeric keys are integrated directly in the keyboard

  •   Dirt-resistant and easy to operate keypad

  •   Fast marking times

  •   Second handle allows an ergonomic two-hand operation

Hand-held marking systems
NEW: Dot peen marking system FlyMarker® mini

Brochure FlyMarker mini (3,8 MB)