Dot peen marking system MV5 T0/T1

  •   Highest stability of the column frame by massive tracks

  •   Fast adjustment of the height by a hand wheel. Four times faster than conventional column frames

  •   Integrated digital height index

  •   Highest marking quality at maximum speed by precise mechanics

  •   Easy operation

  •   Maintenance free mechanics and tools

  •   Highest flexibility by system expansion with additional components

  Available marking areas:
  Marking area (x/y) 100 x 100 mm (MV5 T0)
  Marking area (x/y) 200 x 100 mm (MV5 T1)




Table marking systems - Dot peen marker
Dot peen marking system MV5 T0/T1

Brochure MV5 ZE 301 XL (2,9 MB)
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