Kontakta Oss

  Dot peen marking heads MV5 U50/U80/U120

  •   Easy Integration in production and assembling lines

  •   Rapid marking speed for shortest cycle times

  •   Low moving masses due to compact design

  •   Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction

  •   Perfect power transmission into the material to be marked

  •   High repeat accuracy

  •   Extremely precise and warp-free marking result

  •   2D-marking (option)

  •   Can be used in any position

  •   Good price performance ratio

   Available marking areas:

  Marking area (x/y) 50 x 25 mm (MV5 U50/25)

  Marking area (x/y) 50 x 45 mm (MV5 U50/45)

  Marking area (x/y) 80 x 25 mm (MV5 U80/25)

  Marking area (x/y) 80 x 45 mm (MV5 U80/45)

  Marking area (x/y) 120 x 25 mm (MV5 U120/25)

  Marking area (x/y) 120 x 45 mm (MV5 U120/45)


Dot peen integration units
Dot peen marking heads MV5 U50/U80/U120
Brochure MV5 ZE 101 XL (2,4 MB)